The Great Divide

A few days ago, I listened to a speech by a former friend of mine who had blocked me totally out of the blue, back in February, a few months after she had made aliyah. The two of us were very close while we still lived in the diaspora. She even had written a post about how proud she was of me for following my heart and making aliyah and posted it the day of my trip, almost a year ago, on my Facebook wall. When she finally made aliyah herself a few months later, something in her immediately changed. It was as if her eyes opened to a new reality, a reality that didn’t include me and what she probably perceived as my “limited” view. I was the one who reached out to her to invite her for coffee, and she suggested one day I was not free. I was in full-time Ulpan at the time and couldn’t swing it. She never contacted me again, and a few months later I was blocked out of the blue.


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